I Got Possessed By A Succubus Queen – Punishment (P2) [ 18]

Punishment (P2) [ 18]

"I told you to **ing shut up, Rose~"

Slammed his dick against her filled womb. Alex leaned over Rose, and whispered softly in her ears, making her whole body to collapse on the bed!

With just one pussy smack, and her Master's seductive whisper, her entire body trembled, and she couldn't hold her bottom body anymore. Even so, his cock never left her creampied hole. It stayed in while she sucked it more in!

"Haff! Nyahh~ Huff~ Hoohn~"

Rose was breathing so heavily while burying her face into the mattress, feeling her a hot burning fluid slowly flowing down to her womb. It was totally the best feeling!

"Is this what you can hold? You're a succubus, aren't you? I'm very disappointed~ "

Pushing his bottom body down, making his glans slid back to her womb. Alex whispered in Rose's ears again, while he slowly thrust his hips back and forth. So slowly, to the point of making the wet noises well heard in the whole room.

Rose was indeed a succubus. However, strangely, she was a virgin! That was very confusing. Also, as a masochist, she loved being dominated and submissive.

Plap~ Plat~ Plap~ Puat~

Alex gradually began smacking Rose's ass harder, increasing his speed, and aggressively tearing her tight sucking pussy. His eyes glowed in red, having a strong desire to ruin Rose completely!

"Let me hear your moans!"

While promptly speeding up, Alex slid his hand under Rose's neck, and pulled her head up for him. She was hiding in the bed, making her moans a lot less hearable.

"Nyahh! Uhh! Ohh! Master! Uhh! Hnmmmm~"

Looking at her dirty face from above, and hearing her sweet needy moans, Alex lowered his face, and began aggressively sucking on her favorable lips, and tongue.

Pahhh! Pahh! Pahhh! Pahhh!

Smacking her fat bubble ass with his hips and thighs, along with fiercely kissing her, Rose's mind went blank and couldn't hold herself anymore! She involuntarily spread her legs wider, and raised her feet up, receiving her Master's cock even deeper.


"Uhmmm! Hummmm~ Huhhmmmm~"

Wrapping his palm around her neck, choking her throat, while he savagely explored her mouth's inside walls using his tongue. Every minute passed felt like a second. Only his succubus's whines and whimpers kept him awake.

Pahhh! Pahh! Pahh! Pahhhh!

Alex aggressively began slamming his bottom body against Rose's fat buttocks. He kept ruining her face, as well as her pussy, as he felt a tingling sensation in his balls.

"Uhh~ ** Ohhh~"

It didn't take a long time before his milk gushed out of his gun! Shooting straight inside, Rose. His legs began shaking, as he pushed his hips so roughly forth, as he felt an incredibly body-melting stimulation.

Indeed, having sex with a succubus was drastically different from a normal woman. Just shoving his dick in Rose's cunt urged him to cum, but for the sake of enjoying it more, he delayed his ejaculation.

"Nyaah~ Master's milk is melting me downnnn! Uhh~ Ahh~"

After getting her lips and mouth totally marked with Alex's saliva, Rose blurted out with a lewd smile while she felt his hot thick semen creeping over her womb like lava.

Her fluffy tail was happily wiggling around, just like her body. Alex's large rod was still occupying her creampied hole, which was the dumpster of his three loads in a row!

"Hah~ Come here, cunt, it's practice time~"

Getting up off her, Alex threw his body on the bed, laying down on the pillow, and ordering Rose to suck off his soaked erected dick. He was a little tired, after came three times in a row, and faster than usual.

"Hum? Nyaa!"

With exhaustion, Rose immediately buried her face back into the mattress after Alex let go of her neck, enjoying the sensations her body was going through. However, after hearing his vulgar lovely orders, she lifted her head, just to find a very delicious stick waiting for her!

"Mwwwhh~ Hummm~ Hammm~"

Instantly, even with being so tired, Rose jumped between his legs, gave his cock lots of kisses, then began hastily slurping on his glans! She was thrilled to have her first real blowjob ever, even almost fought with Jane over it.

Slurp~ Slurp~ Slurp~

Unlike her submissive nature while getting railed, Rose unexpectedly sucked his dick so professionally! Shoving it down to her throat, and jacking off the rest of it with her hand, while seductively glancing at his cold pleased face.

"Nyaa~! So **ing delicious~ Hummm~ Uhhmm~"

After cleaning his cock wholly, Rose pulled the fat veiny rod out of her salivary mouth, and let go off it. Gazing at it amazingly. It was huge! It started down from his balls, and went over his belly button. She caressed it with her slippery palm, then went down on his large nut!

"Uhh~ Your doing unexpectedly so good~ I guess I rushed on my conclusion~"

Feeling her very soft, yet ticklish palm running over and over his cock, giving his red squishy glans so much care, and making chills in whole body! It didn't stay only on that! He felt his balls getting sucked individually in her mouth!

Slurp... Slurp... Slurp

"Hufff~ Thanks, Master! I'm not done yet. Nyaa~ Hmmmm~"

After soaking his balls with her saliva, Rose raised her slutty face. Her saliva was rolling down her chin, and her eyes were a little teary from trying to choke on his dick earlier. She looked messed up, yet so beautiful.

Without any delay, Rose groped his dick again, and began sucking on it again. This time, she shoved half of it into her mouth! However, not being able to go any further without his hands.


"Make it disappear, Rose"

Suddenly, Alex slapped her cheek, while half of his thick cock resided in her throat. He didn't want to deep ** her throat, as he wanted to humiliate her! He slapped her to try even harder.

"Hum!! Uhhghh! Ughh! Ghhh~"

The slap was not that hard, but Rose responded to it properly. She tried her best, and slide down her face even closer, while at the same time, staring at him in the eyes with her glistening eyes.

"Ghahn!! Uhh!! S-Sorry, Master, I couldn't"

However, after a couple more seconds, Rose pulled back her face, and panted heavily while saliva dripped on the bed. It was very hard for her to swallow all his cock, even she was born for it.


Yet, immediately after apologizing, she retuned back, but this time sucking so swiftly, while trying to swallow what she can. Alex was about to smack her cheeks again, but something mind-blowing stopped him...

"Ohhhh~ Uhh~"

Suddenly, Rose's rosy tongue slipped out of her mouth, while she regularly slurped on his dick, but unexpectedly it began expanding narrowly! Revolving all around his meaty rod, and going down to his nuts like a hungry snake!

Alex was stunned, but he quickly realized it was the same skill he used before to extend his tongue to lick off his auntie Carla. Rose quickly came up with an alternative, trying the best to please her Master!


Feeling goosebumps running all over his body, while his cock entirely got soaked, as well as his nuts getting played with. Alex groaned while grasping on the bed sheets with his hands, and shutting his eyes out of a heavenly sensation! It felt ten times better than any blowjob he ever received.

"Ughhhh~ I'm gonna ** you up, Rose"

Alex couldn't help it from all the pleasure, and raised his upper body, just to plunge Rose's entire face into his pelvis, making her nose to kiss his bottom stomach, and her lips aggressively pressed on the base!! His throbbing cock forcefully rested in her throat, shaking in it like a vibrator!

However, she never failed to maintain the eye contact between them. Glancing up at him fondingly with her moistened eyes. Almost started sobbing because of a shortage in oxygen.

"Ghh~ Ughh~ Gh~ Aggh~"

Even though her throat was getting violently punished. She tried to reduce the gagging noises, and enjoyed the looking at his haughty expression, looking down at her as if he was looking at a mere bug.

Slurp~ Slurp~ Slurp~

After making her get used to it, and shaping her throat at his dick. Alex collected a handful of her blonde hair, and began savagely ramming her up and down on his throbbing stick!

Ross couldn't help but grasped on his thighs, while laying down on her tummy, feeling her Master's seed, gushing out of her pussy every time he plunged his dick inside her mouth. It felt truly unimaginable. Her tail was playing all around, expressing her joy!

"Uhhh~ be happy, I'm cumming~"

Feeling the urge to ejaculate grows stronger. Alex with the support of his left arm and hand. He lifted his body a little off the bed, leaving only his hand and legs on it.

"Hugh!! Uvhh! Nighn!! Ughh! Ohhh!!!

Fixing Rose's head with one hand, blocking it from behind. Alex immediately started thrusting his hips, slapping his sagging balls against her chin, stretching her lips to the maximum, and soon enough, filling up her throat with his milk.

"Ughhh~ So **ing good"

"Hafffff!!! Coghh!! Ughh! Ohh!"

Alex slowly leaned back again, after senselessly **ing Rose's face for a couple of minutes. He slipped his cock out of her mouth, letting her have some air, as she was literally suffocating!

Likewise, as soon as that huge stick left her throat, Rose breathed heavily, while cum slid down her chin. Truly didn't expect her Master to actual over ** her mouth, and make her out of her belly a semen dumpster.

She was exhausted, and instantly fell on the bed, laying down, resting on the soft mattress. Alex was also tired, but stayed on his back, as if he was sitting on a chair.

Gazing lustfully at his cat succubus, who made him cum four times in a row, and still making him lust for more...

Chapter end

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