Naruto: I Am Not Really Related – Chapter 77: Konoha Vs. Four Villages!

Chapter 77: Konoha Vs. Four Villages!

What else could Haru say in the face of a group of little brothers who were slightly admiring?

Anyone who could bully an old beggar was a spy sent by the enemy to assassinate him. This world was simply too dangerous.

However, it was unknown whether it was the other enemies who were secretly hiding in the dark who had chosen to temporarily lay dormant or if there was only one enemy. In short, until the arrival of Anbu's people, there was no more danger.

Haru and the others were quickly taken away under the protection of Anbu.

But the influence of this matter was far from over.


The next day, orders were issued from Hokage's office.

None of the big Ninja Villages stationed at the border of the Fire Country had expected that Konoha, who was regarded as a turtle in a jar, would dare to start this war first!

History had changed once again.

Forced to counterattack?


This time, not only did they have to beat back all the enemies, but they also had to attack their main camp!

Konoha, all troops, attack!

After that, according to the records in History of Konoha, the assassination of Senju Haru became the fuse for the first great battle of Ninja World. It was also known as the Thunder Fury incident!


As the first battle of Ninja World officially began, the entire Ninja World once again became a mess.

The Thunder Country's Kumogakure sent out more than two thousand ninjas to participate in the battle. The other three countries also sent out a similar number of ninjas. And this Ninja army of fewer than ten thousand people attacked the Fire Country from four directions.

Although there were not many people, compared to the tens of thousands of ninjas in the future, it was a bit pitiful.

The various big Ninja Villages had been conserving their strength for a long time before they barely managed to gather this bit of wealth, and they also needed to leave some people to guard the headquarters, so as not to be stolen by others.

That was why it seemed a bit 'small'.

However, although the number of people was small, the lethality and destructive power of these ninjas were not small at all!

For a time, it was unknown how many small Ninja Villages and small countries were caught in the flames and were caught in the pond.

To expect these ninjas to let go of the reins and control their strength to raise their hands high was simply the funniest joke in a war!

And as Konoha who currently had the strongest strength and foundation, Tobirama had also left enough people to protect Konoha. He had sent out a total of more than five thousand ninjas army.

Like a nail, they firmly occupied the terrain, taking the initiative to attack and counterattack. They did not cower in the face of the enemy!

Moreover, it was worth mentioning that Uzumaki Clan remembered the agreement of the alliance for generations. They almost poured the entire country's strength to face the enemy of Kirigakure who wanted to land in the rear. They even sent a portion of his clansmen to the other three battlefields to deal with Bijuu who might appear at any time.

Of course, at this time, Konoha, who was still under the leadership of Tobirama, would not disappoint his allies.

Thousands of elite ninjas of Konoha rushed to Kirigakure and fought hand in hand. Kirigakure Ninja, who had come from afar from the sea, had no choice but to find a way to land and fight from other places.

At this time, the other directions had already been occupied by the ninjas of other countries.

At this time, Tobirama, who had already made sufficient preparations, began to show his might.

A large number of Ninjas used explosion spells to kill a large number of enemies mercilessly!

Konoha, on the other hand, was focused on his attacks and would not give the enemy the chance to seal the cannon fodder.

It could be said that Tobirama had almost single-handedly reversed the difference in numbers between Konoha and the four of them!

It was even to the extent that countless of Jonin's level of combat strength had been lost under this almost shameless tactic.

As long as you were still a flesh and blood body, then if one explosion talisman could not kill, then it would be ten, if ten did not, then it would be a hundred!

What's more, Konoha's high-end combat strength was also the most powerful among all the big Ninja Villages!

The four countries that were caught unprepared immediately suffered heavy losses.

This situation only improved when the Four Kage, who could not sit still, personally came.

But at this time, the Flying Thunder Kunai that Tobirama had left behind earlier played a heaven-defying role.

Using a special psychic beast or shadow clone as a communication medium, Tobirama once again let the world know what was called Ninja World's number one divine speed ninja!

Flying Thunder God's unpredictability made the four countries that thought they could easily take down Konoha suffer.

Tobirama, who had just beaten Raikage back a second ago, might appear in front of Kazekage the next moment.

'Did I hear that you, Kage level, have a lot of combat strength?'

'I'm sorry unless the four of you work together, otherwise, in a one-on-one battle, I, Senju Tobirama, will definitely be invincible!'

Under forced circumstances, the four great villages had no choice but to take a huge risk and release Bijuu, who was still unable to carry out effective control on the battlefield, in an attempt to kill a thousand and lose eight hundred.

Under the control of Bijuu, only Konoha's Uzumaki Clan could be considered a qualified Jinchuriki, but it still could not reach perfection.

There was no need to think about the other countries. How many years had it been since they obtained Bijuu?

Moreover, only the first generation and second generation Kazekage of Hidden Sand Village had been dedicated to studying Bijuu, but they were still far from the level of Uzumaki Clan.

Therefore, every time they used it, there was a huge risk. Afterward, they had to pay a huge price to find a way to seal the raging Bijuu again.

In this case, the four countries did indeed have the upper hand in the beginning.

However, as Uzumaki Clan's people fearlessly joined the battle and the other Konoha Ninjas desperately protected them, the insufferably arrogant Bijuu on the battlefield was only unable to become furious in the end, and they were restrained by wave after wave of powerful sealing techniques.

Of course, Bijuu was Bijuu after all.

For this, Uzumaki Clan and Konoha Ninjas also paid a very painful price.

However, in the overall situation, no one would have thought that Konoha, who was regarded as prey, had the upper hand, and had once driven the enemies of various countries out of the border of the country of fire, obtaining incredible results!

Especially under the brainwashing of the will of fire, the ninjas on Konoha's side were like injected with chicken blood. No matter how serious the blow was, their morale had never fallen to rock bottom.

Because they knew that their sacrifices and sacrifices were not meaningless.

After they died, they would be turned into nourishment to nourish the earth, allowing the new branches to grow strong, inherit their spirit and will, and pass down from generation to generation! Fllw ew stories at n/v(e)lb/in(.)com

The time was right, the people were right, and Konoha occupied the second.

Senju Tobirama made all the people who regarded Konoha as a soft persimmon break their teeth, knowing that even if Konoha lost the God of Ninja World, Konoha was also not easy to provoke!


However, as time passed, countless people died on the battlefield, and the pressure on Tobirama became greater and greater.

In particular, he had been planning to take advantage of this opportunity to swallow the enemy in one fell swoop.

Therefore, he had to think of ways to preserve his strength.

As a result, the rhythm of the war suddenly became slow, and this fight lasted for nearly two years.

Chapter end

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