Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 67 - Ring of Nothingness

Chapter 67 - Ring of Nothingness

Chapter 67 - Ring of Nothingness

The loading bar for the Treasure Chest was currently only halfway done. Hearing the roar getting closer and closer, Shi Feng became extremely anxious.

Hurry... Hurry...

The Mountain Beast Warrior had already entered the camp, yet the loading bar was still a hairs breadth away from full.

When the Mountain Beast Warrior saw Shi Feng opening the Treasure Chest, its large pair of eyes turned crimson red. It aimed its giant ax at Shi Feng, throwing it at him. It could not help but wish for Shi Feng to go to hell immediately.

At this moment, the Bronze Treasure Chest opened.

Without giving the flying ax even a single glance, Shi Feng immediately activated Defensive Blade, blocking the attack from the flying death ax. Following which, his two hands swiftly stretched into the Treasure Chest, taking the items within and cramping them into his bag with lightning speed.

When Shi Feng finished storing all of the items from the Treasure Chest, the Mountain Beast Warrior also arrived before him. It picked up the fallen ax with both of its hands, raising it up high as it prepared to murder.

Having no plans to stay, Shi Feng turned and ran.


The earth split when the ax landed, leaving behind a scar and causing crushed stones to go flying. However, Shi Feng was already five yards away by the time the ax landed. He was running directly to the outside of the camp.

Seeing that its attack missed, the Mountain Beast Warrior turned to face Shi Feng and used Charge. It did not intend to give Shi Feng any chance to escape.

On the other hand, Shi Feng did not have any skills to deal with the Mountain Beast Warrior who was charging at him. He allowed the Mountain Beast Warrior to send him into a Fainted state, his body then receiving a slash from its ax. In an instant, the attack sent him flying over ten yards away.

The attack from the Mountain Beast Warrior could cause even a Level 5 Shield Warrior to harbor a grudge, yet Shi Feng acted as if it was nobodys business as he stood and started running out of the camp once more. Now, Defensive Blade could only prevent Shi Feng from receiving damage from a melee attack one more time.

Although only one chance remained, there was more than a 10-yard distance between Shi Feng and the Mountain Beast Warrior. As long as Shi Feng ran into the stone forest, he would be a lot safer.

However, an unexpected situation occurred. The Mountain Beast Warrior that should have used Charge only once used it a second time, sending Shi Feng into a Fainted state once more. It raised its giant ax, slashing it again at Shi Fengs body.

Shi Feng was sent flying for over ten yards again; this time it immediately threw him out of the camp. He was just a short distance away from the stone forest now.

However, Shi Fengs expression became much more serious. The current Mountain Beast Warrior was completely different from before. Previously, it only used Charge once. Now, it used Charge twice. That meant that there was a possibility for a third or fourth Charge, maybe even more. That meant, as long as the distance between Shi Feng and the Mountain Beast Warrior exceeded eight yards, the Mountain Beast Warrior would use Charge. This was definitely not good news.

Just as expected, the moment Shi Feng stepped out of the 8-yard range, the Mountain Beast Warrior used Charge once again. If Shi Feng were to be hit once more, he would definitely die.

He was not willing to die just yet.

Shi Feng took out a Polymorph Scroll, immediately turning the Mountain Beast Warrior that was charging at him into a sheep. Although it was polymorphed only for a second, just one second was enough for Shi Feng to run a long distance away. As long as Shi Feng could run out of the 30-yard range, it would be too far for the Mountain Beast Warrior to use Charge.

Just after running 15 yards away, the Mountain Beast Warrior recovered. Shi Feng immediately spun around and cast Abyssal Bind. He then activated Gravity Liberation, his speed soaring greatly.

The three seconds binding this time allowed Shi Feng to easily run past the 30-yard range, entering the stone forest.

Currently, some of the Mountain Beast Fighters in the stone forest had already respawned, and by coincidence, one of them was blocking the path ahead of Shi Feng. Being struck by inspiration, Shi Feng quickly took the initiative.

Wind Blade!

Before the Mountain Beast Fighter could react, Shi Feng rushed to its front and brushed past it. Shi Feng then took out another Polymorph Scroll, turning the Mountain Beast Fighter into a sheep.

With the speed increase from Wind Blade, Shi Feng easily shook off the Mountain Beast Warrior that was stubbornly chasing after him, escaping it quickly.

After finding a safe location, Shi Feng sat down to rest as he slowly looked through the items his bag.

Shi Feng went from clueless to shocked.

He had to admit that ransacking the camp was extremely profitable. Just this one time was enough to make up for his hours of hard work. He instantly collected all of the Moonstone he needed, completing his Quest. The next thing he needed to do was to leave the Moonlight Forest and dispel the curse.

Amongst these treasures, aside from the large amount of Moonstone, there were also seven Tier 1 Gemstones, three pieces of Bronze Equipment, and a single bronze-colored Mysterious-Iron Ring.

Amongst the three pieces of Bronze Equipment, there was a Silvermoon Armguard. With it, Shi Feng now had three out of five pieces of the Silvermoon Set Equipment. As long as he put in more effort, he might be able to truly collect a complete set. However, Shi Feng did not have that much time. The earlier he removed the curse, the earlier he could regain his strength and level up quickly. He still had too many things to do, and he could not do any of them without Levels.

Aside from the Silvermoon Armguard attracting Shi Fengs attention, the Mysterious-Iron Ring also gave him tremendous joy.

[Ring of Nothingness] (Mysterious-Iron ranked Ring)

Equipment Requirement: Intelligence 10

Strength 1, Agility 1, Intelligence 2

Additional Ability: Shadow of Nothingness: Allows the user to enter a state of nothingness. The user will not be able to see other players, while other players will not be able to see the user. Duration of 1 minute.

Cooldown: 5 minutes

(Only usable in a non-combative state)

Rings such as this, which possessed an Additional Ability, were extremely rare. It was as rare as the Ring of Gravity, possessing many uses.

In his previous life, Shi Feng had done a lot of research on the Moonlight Forest. Including the information found on the internet, he knew the spawn locations of many Treasure Chests. Originally, he planned to only go to a few locations that were easy to obtain Treasure Chests before leaving the Moonlight Forest. Now that he had the Ring of Nothingness, his train of thought widened, and the number of Treasure Chests that he could obtain greatly increased.

The Moonlight Forest was still a virgin land, and treasures could be found everywhere. It was especially true for Treasure Chests that had been opened for the first time; the items inside were the best. Since he could easily obtain these treasures, would it matter if he wasted a little more time?

Following which, Shi Feng put on the Ring of Nothingness. He then opened the map for the Moonlight Forest, confirming his current position.

There was a Bronze Treasure Chest not far from his location. So, he kept the map and advanced towards the Treasure Chest.

After walking for over ten minutes, he arrived at ruins of a shrine. The ruins were surrounded by Barbaric Beastmen who were guarding it, with several Elite Beastmen in the midst as well. Meanwhile, the Treasure Chest was located inside the collapsed shrine. However, without a team of twenty elite players, it was impossible to clear off all the Barbaric Beastmen.

Although he could not beat the Barbaric Beastmen, Shi Feng had other methods to get to the Treasure Chest.

Shi Feng immediately called out his doppelganger, allowing it to move to a distance away and find a safe location. Meanwhile, Shi Feng himself moved closer to the temple. While staying outside the detection range of the Barbaric Beastmen, Shi Feng activated Shadow of Nothingness and entered a state of nothingness. He then ran towards the inside of the shrine with high speed.

After entering a state of nothingness, Shi Feng could no longer see those Barbaric Beastmen, and the same went for the Barbaric Beastmen who could no longer see Shi Feng. In such a way, Shi Feng soundlessly entered the heavily guarded shrine.

There were still several Barbaric Beastmen guarding inside the shrine. They were less than twenty yards away from the Bronze Treasure Chest.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng unhurriedly opened the Treasure Chest.

When opening the Treasure Chest, Shi Fengs state of nothingness did not fade, so the channeling process finished without a hitch.

However, the moment the Treasure Chest was opened, just after Shi Fengs hand stretched into it, his state of nothingness vanished.

Within an instant, the five Barbaric Beastmen inside the temple noticed Shi Feng. Suddenly entering a rage, they waved their stone hammers as they rushed towards him.

Shi Feng activated Defensive Blade without hurry, storing the items in the Treasure Chest in his bag. Before the Barbaric Beastmen could break off the three layers of protection, Shi Feng had taken all the items from the Treasure Chest. He then swapped places with his doppelganger, his original body arriving at a very safe location. Shi Feng leisurely departed from the ruins, heading towards the location of the next Treasure Chest.

Moonlight Forest was very large. With unyielding perseverance, Shi Feng spent more than ten hours before finally clearing the entirety of the Moonlight Forest. He harvested a total of three Mysterious-Iron Treasure Chests, twenty-two Bronze Treasure Chests, and fifty-six Common Treasure Chests. His harvest was extremely invigorating. His entire bag was clogged full, and he was even forced to throw away several pieces of Common Equipment that had poor Attributes.

Upstodatee from n(0)/v/lbIn/.(co/m

When he was arranging all these items, a beeping noise came from the System.

Shi Feng looked at the notification, seeing that it was the alarm that he previously set. It notified him that morning had arrived, and he needed to log off and rest.

In consideration of his body, Shi Feng looked for a safe location before logging off.

Chapter end

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