unsheathed – Chapter 101: Guard the Mountain

Chapter 101: Guard the Mountain

Chapter 101: Guard the Mountain

When everyone finished breakfast and were just about to set off, A'Liang suddenly walked over with his donkey and told everyone to wait for a short while. He then yelled, "Come out!"

The young mountain lord of Go Table Mountain who was even more beautiful than a woman quickly rose up from the earth. He was wearing an ethereal white robe with large flowing sleeves, and he held a long wooden box in his hands as he bent down and said to A'Liang with an obsequious smile, "Great immortal, this underling has already prepared some mounts for you and your companions. I guarantee that your journey will be smooth sailing for the next 100 kilometers. It'll be like a stroll in the park."

A'Liang was like a completely different person from yesterday, the one who had easily subdued his enemies with a bamboo saber. There was a warm smile on his face as he replied, "Thank you for your hard work. Could you please hold onto those things for a while as well? You can give it to me when we're about to leave Go Table Mountain."

The young mountain lord felt extremely flattered, and he said, "You're far too kind, great immortal. You're going to reduce my fortune[1]."

A'Liang walked over and patted the young deity on the shoulder. He then handed the white donkey leash to him and said, "Then I won't hold back. Bring this donkey and that horse to the border as well."

"It's my pleasure," the young mountain lord said in a righteous manner. "It's my honor to be able to help you."

A'Liang turned around to look at Li Huai. The two of them had fought over a piece of spiced beef during breakfast just then, and the young boy had cried, screamed, and threatened suicide, stooping as low as he could to achieve his aim. Not only did he offer his mom and his sister to A'Liang, but if A'Liang were willing to take him up on his offer, perhaps Li Huai would have even offered his dad to him.

Of course, A'Liang didn't show any mercy, and in the end, Li Huai could only bare his teeth and swing his arms as he tried to fight a decisive battle with A'Liang. Even now, the two of them were still locked in a tense and hostile situation that might break into a battle at any moment.

A'Liang raised a thumb and pointed at the obsequious young mountain lord behind him as if to say, "Do you see, little brat? Lord A'Liang is someone who's respected and revered in the cultivation world. Remember to show some respect in the future."

Li Huai rolled his eyes before turning around to spit on the ground.

A'Liang huffed and said, "Let's go, let's go."

A brief moment later, three forest turtles whose shells were as large as dining tables climbed up the mountain one after another. Their shells were as bright red as roaring flames. When the young mountain lord who was holding a bamboo cane in his hand peered at them, the three forest turtles immediately shrunk into their shells a little. This was a case of one thing subduing another. As the nominal ruler of Go Table Mountain, the young mountain lord was unable to dispose of the two pythons even after several hundred years. This was because of the restriction on his cultivation. However, the remaining beasts and birds were like nothing more than the sheep and chickens that the common people bred.

Each turtle could hold three passengers, and the young mountain lord had thoughtfully nailed some low rails on the edges of the turtles' shells. These could be used as handrails, and they were made from strong lengths of wood that he had harvested from the mountain. All this was in order to prevent his esteemed guests from falling off their mounts.

Li Baoping, Li Huai, and Lin Shouyi all climbed onto the turtle shells. Li Baoping called Chen Ping'an onto the forest turtle that she had chosen, while A'Liang sat on another with Li Huai and Lin Shouyi. Meanwhile, Zhu He and Zhu Lu were able to enjoy the remaining forest turtle to themselves.

Li Huai was absolutely delighted. When the forest turtles started to move, he only swayed back and forth slightly, and there wasn't any sign of turbulence. This was surprisingly far more comfortable than horse-drawn carriages. Even though the forest turtles looked clumsy, they were actually fairly quick.

Li Huai hammered A'Liang's knee in excitement, and he exclaimed, "Holy mother! This is the first time I've ridden a large turtle like this! A'Liang, you're a mean and wicked person, but you've finally done something good!"

A'Liang looked at Li Huai with pity in his eyes, and he said, "How were you able to grow to this age? By the looks of it, the small town is truly a simple and modest place."

Li Huai turned around to Lin Shouyi and asked, "Is A'Liang saying bad things about me?"

Lin Shouyi was resting with his eyes closed at this moment, and it was as if he were silently comprehending the gentle spring breeze that was brushing past him. He completely ignored Li Huai's questions.

There was a devious expression on Li Huai's face as he turned back to A'Liang and attempted to decipher some clues from his face.

A'Liang's expression was stern as he told the young boy, "I was saying something good about you."

Li Huai glanced at the green bamboo swords resting across A'Liang's legs before glancing at the small silver gourd hanging by his waist. "A'Liang, won't you let me play with the bamboo saber?" he asked.

A'Liang shook his head and replied, "You're not suited to using a bamboo saber."

Li Huai frowned and asked, "Then what weapon is suitable for me?"

There was a serious expression on A'Liang's face as he replied, "You can speak reason with others. You can subdue others through reason and virtue."

Li Huai sighed and lamented in dejection, "But I can't."

"Why's that?" A'Liang asked in curiosity. He had only been messing around with the young boy.

Li Huai gazed up at the lush green scenery in the distance, where he would occasionally see the blur of a spring flower in full bloom. "My voice is too soft, and Mother said that whoever's louder in a fight is whoever has reason," he said quietly. "However, Father doesn't like to speak, and even a whack to the head won't draw a single peep from him. My sister is also a soft and mellow person who doesn't speak very much. So if something happens when Mother isn't around, my father and sister will only be able to look at each other helplessly. It's a really worrying sight.

"In fact, I don't like to argue with others either. However, when I'm sitting on the fence and watching Mother ferociously argue with others, sometimes I get worried about the day when Mother grows too old to argue. What will we do then? My family is so poor that we can't even afford to fix the hole in our roof. Father isn't capable, and when my sister grows older, she's sure to marry and go somewhere else. At that time, what will we do if there's no one to argue and fight for us? Won't we be bullied to death by other people?"

Lin Shouyi's mind wavered a little.

A'Liang clicked his tongue in wonder and commented in an amused voice, "A little pipsqueak like you is thinking so far into the future?"

"I don't have a choice though," Li Huai said in exasperation. "Mother said that I'm the only person in the family who has balls. Mr. Qi also taught us that those who don't plan for the future will be certain to face immediate trouble. So I have to provide for a... whatever it was."

"A rainy day[2]", A'Liang said with a smile, helping him finish the idiom.

Li Huai shook his head and asked, "Lin Shouyi, what did Mr. Qi say about virtuous people?"

Lin Shouyi opened his eyes and recited slowly, "Virtuous people conceal their talents and only display them when the situation does call."

Li Huai pointed at A'Liang and judged, "A'Liang, you're trying to show off with only a half cup full of knowledge."

Lin Shouyi felt the urge to move to the forest turtle that Chen Ping'an and Li Baoping were sitting on. At the very least, he wouldn't have to listen to this nonsense anymore.

A'Liang untied his gourd and took a swig of wine from it, chuckling, "I already came to an agreement with Go Table Mountain's mountain lord yesterday. As compensation, he and those two beasts will give us a farewell gift when we leave. Did you see the long wooden box just then? Those in the cultivation world refer to it as a horizontal treasure pagoda, and it works in the same mysterious ways as the upright hundred treasure shelves. It's filled with valuable treasures, and I initially wanted to give you all a treasure each. You were naturally no exception. Now, however... you can say goodbye to your treasure."

Li Huai was unfazed, and he simply said with a stern expression, "A'Liang, I know that your belly can fit 100 large boats!"ewW ovels updtes on nov/l/b(i)(.)com

A'Liang faltered and asked, "What nonsense are you spewing?"

Lin Shouyi interjected in a seemingly casual manner, "The belly of a prime minister is large enough to hold a boat.[3]"

A'Liang laughed heartily as he whacked Li Huai across the head.

The forest turtles took tranquil mountain paths as they traversed mountains and crossed rivers. Their movements were gentle and relaxed, and this allowed their passengers to also feel carefree and leisurely. When they passed scenic areas, A'Liang would tell them to rest for a while to enjoy the views.

When they passed a small and lush green bamboo forest, Chen Ping'an picked up his broken machete and felled two stalks of bamboo. He then chopped them into varying lengths and placed them inside his bamboo basket. Li Huai knew the reason for this, and he couldn't help but jump up and down in excitement. "I'm about to get a bookcase!" he hollered again and again.

The three forest turtles were resting in the distance, and when they saw Chen Ping'an hack down the two stalks of bamboo, their beady yellow eyes that were as large as fists were filled with admiration.

A'Liang was drinking nearby, and as he looked at the adept motions of the busy young boy, he smiled and remarked, "Quite skillful judgment. However, it's a shame that... you still can't enjoy any good fortune."

Before setting off, Li Baoping asked Zhu He if she and Zhu Lu could sit on a turtle by themselves. Zhu He naturally didn't reject her request. However, he reminded his daughter to take good care of the young mistress, to which Zhu Lu replied with a nod. Zhu He walked over to sit on the same turtle as Chen Ping'an.

Meanwhile, Chen Ping'an split the emerald-green bamboo tubes into strips. However, he didn't have any hemp rope on him, so the earliest that this bookcase could take shape would be when they arrived at Red Candle Town.

Zhu He picked up a strip of bamboo, and he discovered that it was extremely light yet also incredibly tough at the same time. This reminded him of the green bamboo cane that Go Table Mountain's mountain lord held. He instantly came to a realization. The one or two mu[4] of bamboo forest just then was definitely no ordinary bamboo forest. Perhaps it was even one of the areas where the spiritual energy of Go Table Mountain gathered.

Zhu He genuinely adored the young mistress, and he couldn't help but tell Chen Ping'an, "This bamboo is quite extraordinary, and if you used an ordinary machete on them, the blade would have chipped or bent a long time ago. When you finish making these two bookcases, perhaps the young mistress will feel slightly gloomy. Because in the end, it's actually her small bookcase that's the most ordinary."

Chen Ping'an was astounded. He turned to the forest turtle that A'Liang and the others were sitting on, and he asked uncertainly, "Is that bamboo forest related to Go Table Mountain's mountain lord?"

A'Liang nodded and replied, "It's an area that holds much of his wealth. The bamboo forest draws spiritual energy from the mountain, and it takes 100 years for the stalks of bamboo to become this emerald green. Only after another 500 years is it possible for the stalks of bamboo to potentially accumulate a sliver of green wood essence.

"However, it shouldn't really matter. The two stalks of bamboo that you chopped down were only around 200 years old, so that mountain lord won't be overly aggrieved by it. At most, he'll only feel pained for a little while. He won't be affected at all."

Chen Ping'an sighed and abandoned his thoughts of returning to harvest more bamboo.

"What's wrong? You feel like two stalks is too few? Do you want me to pick some higher quality ones for you?" A'Liang asked.

Chen Ping'an shook his head and replied, "No, it's fine."

"It should take less than an hour to go there and come back. It's not a hassle at all," Zhu He commented.

Chen Ping'an looked at the bamboo basket beside his feet. It was filled with bamboo strips, yet there was still a lot of empty space that could fit more. However, he still shook his head and said, "It's more important to keep moving forward."

Zhu He didn't think much about this, and he said with a smile, "When practicing martial arts, tempering oneself is of great importance. If one doesn't spar with others, it will be impossible for them to reach great heights. So when we have spare time, why don't we spar with each other? However, let me say this first. Even though I call it sparring, I can only guarantee that I won't injure you. Apart from that, I definitely won't go easy on you. So mentally prepare yourself to get beaten up."

Chen Ping'an was delighted, and he said with a beaming smile, "Uncle Zhu, hit me as hard as you can."

Noon was yet to arrive, but the forest turtles had already made it halfway out of the mountains. They stopped by a pool under a waterfall, and they all busied themselves with their assigned roles, creating a small fireplace and cooking lunch. During this time, Chen Ping'an walked over to secretly tell Li Baoping about the situation regarding the bookcases. After hearing his explanation, a wide smile appeared on the little girl's face. In the end, she was filled with pride as she patted the small bookcase that never left her side and announced, "The best bookcase in the world is right here. In fact, I've even given it a name Green Robe."

After lunch, A'Liang called Chen Ping'an over to the deep pool. The waterfall wasn't large, so the chilly air that emanated from it wasn't intense either. The two of them walked side-by-side. After hesitating for a moment, A'Liang asked, "According to what you said before, you now own five mountains in Dragon Spring County? Downtrodden Mountain, Treasured Scripture Mountain, Rainbow Cloud Mountain, Immortal Herb Mountain, and True Jewel Mountain?"

Chen Ping'an nodded with a puzzled expression. He didn't hide anything from A'Liang, and he said slowly, "Downtrodden Mountain is the most valuable mountain, and Treasured Scripture Mountain is also fairly valuable. However, the three remaining mountains are fairly ordinary, especially True Jewel Mountain. It's nothing more than an unremarkable hill."

A'Liang lightly patted the hilt of his saber as he pondered for a brief moment. "The true value of these mountains lies in the fact that they hold far more spiritual energy than the outside world. Not only were the five monsters that we encountered trying to follow the Iron Talisman River and enter your hometown, but there are actually many spirits and beasts who have only just gained sentience rushing toward your hometown as well. However, it's up to their fate and abilities to see who's fortunate enough to ultimately obtain a plot of land there."

A'Liang took a sip of wine before continuing, "Don't feel like a thief has entered your house when these spirits and beasts enter your mountains. It's just like the situation in Go Table Mountain. Why did the mountain lord allow those two pythons to slowly grow stronger under his watch? The reason for this is simple. After the mountain lord was stripped of his title as an official god, Go Table Mountain needed others to stand up for it if it wanted to retain any spiritual energy. It needs others to guard the mountain, suppress the yin energy, and also draw in good fortune."

"A'Liang, are you saying that I should invite the mountain lord of Go Table Mountain or the two pythons to my mountains? So it's sort of like... they're guarding my property?" Chen Ping'an asked.

A'Liang bent down and casually picked up a pebble. He tossed it into the pool and shook his head with a smile, saying, "You're only half correct. Assigning new official gods of mountains and rivers is a critical task for the Great Li Empire in the near future. This pertains to the fortune of the empire, and they definitely won't allow others to get involved. In terms of which mountains in your hometown will enjoy the presence of a mountain god recognized by the official court... The emperor will definitely assign some dead people to them more accurately, heroic spirits. It doesn't make sense for the mountain lord of Go Table Mountain to reside on your mountains.

"In any case, even if your Downtrodden Mountain or Treasured Scripture Mountain is fortunate enough to host a mountain god decreed by the imperial court allowing temples to be built, statues to be erected, and incense to be offered the mountain lord in this area won't be able to become the mountain god of your mountains unless he passes the strict examination of the ministry of astronomy. Otherwise, he'll only be able to stay in Go Table Mountain.

"But maybe he still has a small ray of hope. After all, he's been here for hundreds of years, so he should be given some credit for hard work if not for merit. It's not like he's created any great trouble either. Perhaps the emperor of the Great Li Empire will show benevolence toward him and conveniently promote him to a mountain god while upgrading the status of Go Table Mountain.

"So, he won't agree to your request even if you go and ask him. To these deities, their status as gods who can enjoy offerings and incense is absolutely critical. After all, there's no turning back once they make a commitment."

Chen Ping'an squatted down next to A'Liang and asked tentatively, "Then should I invite the two pythons?"

A'Liang continued to toss pebbles into the pool as he smiled and replied, "It is hard to decide. Even though the two beasts are quite powerful, they've committed quite a number of sins these years. If word of this gets out, it'll be a stain on your reputation..."

"If I allow them to go to Downtrodden Mountain or Treasured Scripture Mountain, can I guarantee that they won't eat anyone?" Chen Ping'an asked.

A'Liang faltered when he heard this question. He rubbed his chin and replied, "Eat people? With such an abundance of spiritual energy, these beasts will usually be completely focused on cultivation. However, these pythons are part of the flood dragon family, after all, so they're innately cold-blooded creatures. It won't be surprising if they taste-test a few humans out of boredom. For example, if a woodsman is unlucky enough to encounter these pythons while they're out hunting for food, it's genuinely hard to say what will become of him."

Chen Ping'an followed up with yet another question, asking, "Then can I tell them beforehand that they're not allowed to eat people if they cultivate on my mountains? Is this possible, A'Liang?"

"Aren't you afraid that they'll agree now but go back on their words after entering your mountains?" the man wearing the bamboo hat retorted. "Aren't you afraid that they'll swallow a person with each gulp? After all, you won't be returning to your mountains anytime soon."

Chen Ping'an was in buoyant spirits as he explained slowly, "A'Liang, didn't you say that there's a postal station at Red Candle Town? Postal stations are able to deliver letters, so I can write a letter to Master Ruan and loan Treasured Scripture Mountain and the two other mountains to him for an additional 50 years. If Master Ruan feels like that's not enough, I can add another 50 years to the offer. In return, I'll ask him to keep an eye on the two beasts for me. If they dare to injure anyone, he can just kill them with a single punch. This is better than leaving them in Go Table Mountain where they can continue to harm others. Of course, I was only mentioning the worst-case scenario just then.

"At that time, I'll let the black python that's got the potential to become a flood dragon stay in Downtrodden Mountain. It can help me accumulate wealth there. A'Liang, you also said before that if a python successfully evolves into a flood dragon, the place where they evolve will imperceptibly become a place of great fortune. Is that correct?

"In fact, I can even be a bit more shameless and ask Master Ruan to allow it to stay in Treasured Scripture Mountain. Just think about it. If the white python is lucky enough to evolve into a flood dragon as well, then won't I make an even bigger profit? I've been worried the entire time after buying these mountains, so I'll at least feel like I've done something with them if I let the two pythons live in them. It'll feel like I'm making bucketfuls of copper coins every day. I can almost hear the clinking of the coins..."

A'Liang was slightly dazed as he looked at the passionately talking Chen Ping'an. He didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. In the end, he asked with complicated emotions, "Chen Ping'an, do you really like making money this much?"

Chen Ping'an was stunned, and he retorted, "Is there anyone in the world who doesn't like making money?"

A'Liang fixed his bamboo hat, not wanting to speak anymore. Otherwise, his words would simply fall on deaf ears.

He sighed and said with a smile, "I initially thought that you would reject this offer."

"Why's that?" Chen Ping'an asked in confusion.

A'Liang cupped some water in his hands to wash his face. He then turned around and chuckled, "For example, I thought you would say that you would rather kill the two beasts rather than take them in. Even though you're poor, your Chen Clan is extremely righteous, so how could you possibly allow them to enter your mountains? And so on and so forth with a ton of reasoning. I was already prepared to listen to your lecture."

Chen Ping'an's expression calmed down, and he picked up a pebble and lightly tossed it into the pool. After falling silent for a moment, he suddenly turned around and patted A'Liang's shoulder, saying, "A'Liang, you're still too young and naive."

A'Liang raised a brow and remarked in amusement, "Oh? It looks like you're in quite a good mood. You're even able to crack a joke!"

Chen Ping'an copied his expression, also raising a brow. He surprisingly gave off a slightly mischievous feel as well.

A'Liang roared with laughter as he stood up.

Chen Ping'an also stood up. However, he suddenly thought of something, and he asked anxiously, "A'Liang, the most important thing is, will those two pythons be willing to move their burrows?"

A'Liang chuckled and didn't reply.

However, Chen Ping'an could see his hand resting on the hilt of his saber.

A'Liang patted his saber and joked, "See, you also need to hurry up and practice martial arts and fist techniques. In the future, you can then start to practice swordsmanship. Otherwise, you might be willing to reason with others, but what will you do when others aren't willing to reason with you? You'll have to use this."

Chen Ping'an didn't offer a comment on this.

The two of them returned to where everyone else was, and A'Liang asked in curiosity, "Why didn't you collect some more bamboo just then? There won't be another opportunity after we leave this place. In the future, you won't be able to buy them even if you offer a high price."

"Someone told me before that people need to be content with what they have. They also need to understand when to call it a day," Chen Ping'an replied casually.

"You genuinely believed that nonsense?" A'Liang asked, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Chen Ping'an placed his hands behind his head. This was a rare moment of relaxation for him, and his head swayed like the stalks of slender bamboo in the gentle breeze. "It's because I've never heard of any grand principles in my life. So after finally hearing a phrase or two, I won't be able to forget them even if I want to," Chen Ping'an replied softly.

Standing in the distance, Zhu He suddenly shouted, "Chen Ping'an, should we find some empty space to spar?"

"Sure thing!" Chen Ping'an replied as he sprinted over.

1. This is said when someone thinks they're enjoying too much kindness/fortune from someone or something.

2. Providing for a rainy day means taking precautions or preparing in advance.

3. This saying is a reference to people who are broad-minded and magnanimous.

4. Mu is a Chinese unit of area that is equivalent to approximately one-sixth of an acre.

Chapter end

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